Strategic Planning 101: Strategic Planning Like a Pro

The first quarter is over!

Ask yourself? “Did the company hit our Q1 goals?”

If the answer is “no” then this webinar for you.

Your Strategic Plan is the foundational layer. If you don’t have a Strategic Plan this webinar is for you. If you have not reviewed your Strategic plan recently this webinar is for you!

When a simple sound strategic plan is well executed truly magical results follow. This webinar will teach you how to build the foundation that will enable your company, your team and you to achieve and exceed your goals, next quarter and beyond!

RESULTS' CEO and serial entrepreneur Marc L Daniels will host.


How to Leverage your Dashboard to Drive RESULTS

Dashboards Don't Work

Dashboards can give you beautiful visualizations of yesterday’s data. You need that data so you can understand your past. But no matter how pretty or ugly the charts are, looking backwards doesn't help you build your business.

What you really need is a way to use your data to build your future. And most businesses look at the wrong data in their dashboards. You need to pick the right metrics and then you need to know how to engage your staff to execute your strategy to attain the numbers.

Data can help you create a better tomorrow for your company. Find out how to make that happen from RESULTS' CEO and serial entrepreneur, Marc Daniels.

Goal Setting Systems 101: OKRs – Objectives and Key Results

KPIs vs. OKRs. Talk about alphabet soup! What do these 3 letter acronyms mean, and what exactly is the difference? 

The OKR acronym has been getting attention lately in part as a result of John Doerr’s 2018 book Measure What Matters, as well as success this approach has had at Google and others.

In this webinar we will dive into the OKR Goal Setting approach and see how it compares to the methodology you may be using now?

Whether you are Rockefellers Habits/Gazelles scholar, using the Entrepreneurial Operating System/EOS, using the OKR methodology or none of the previous you will find this webinar educational and helpful in growing your business.