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Developing custom products, exceeding customer expectations, and meeting stringent process requirements are all part of the daily grind at Ute Master. Couple this with an impeccable safety record, and you have a crucial need for high-performance culture. 


Ute Master’s people pride themselves on their ability to give exceptional customer service, ensuring that the process their customers go through is efficient while maintaining the highest product quality. Their customers rely on them as a partner they trust and enjoy dealing with.

Designing custom products that adhere to Ute Master's mandatory quality and safety standards is an extremely detailed process. It requires precise collaboration from multiple teams: from sales at the beginning all the way to design and manufacturing at product completion. This presented Ute Master with a number of difficult management challenges:

1) Clarity around customer expectation and deliverables.
2) Alignment on what needs to be achieved and when.
3) Translating innovative new ideas that into something that can be manufactured and driven. 4) Making sure everyone knows where they and the company are headed. 

I’m a big RESULTS.com fan - t’s been a real management lifesaver for me. I’ve done the management courses and know what I’m supposed to be doing, but RESULTS.com helps bring all the data I’m using to one place, allowing me to get an overview on the performance of our business.
The platform has created an encouraging level of discipline into the business by ensuring that my team, including myself, are being held accountable as we can’t shy away from what’s staring us in the face.”
— Tony Cartwright, GM – Ute Master, New Zealand


At first, Ute Master resisted the idea of RESULTS.com, staying loyal to their Smartsheets dashboard and Excel spreadsheets. But after 18 months, Ute Masters GM Tony Cartwright came to RESULTS.com seeking help.

Ute Master had previously established a mission statement and core values, but when asked at a management training session whether Tony’s team knew what they were, he responded with “we’re trying.” Those are famous last words for many management teams. But by working with RESULTS.com’s strategy team, his team populated their One Page Strategic Plan and incorporated their core values into meetings. Now every single employee is fully aware of what the company needs to achieve.

Tony worked with a RESULTS.com Coach, who was able to help his team set realistic KPIs that could be measured and achieved, giving the entire team a clear direction on what they're responsible for and how to achieve respective company goals.

Previously, meetings were a huge time suck for Ute Master - but a necessary part of ensuring goals were met and the team was aligned. Using the RESULTS.com meetings feature and methodology, Ute Masters cut meeting times in half. The staff pre-populated meeting content and were able to talk to data that was automatically integrated into the RESULTS.com dashboard from sales, finance, operations, etc.

Through identifying and measuring effective KPIs and developing a strategic plan that could be shared with their entire team, Ute Master was able to ensure everyone knew where they were going. Their new meeting process reduced lost time and increased productivity by holding everyone accountable through transparency as well as ensuring support was given where needed. 

About UTE Master

Ute Master creates world class custom storage solutions for commercial vehicles such as utes and pickup trucks. Their products provide easy access, storage and organisation, coupled with high quality to make sure every inch of your pickup is maximized. Ute Master ensures that with every product they develop they focus on their mission: “To use innovation to make people’s lives easier, more effective, and safer.” 

For more information visit: http://www.utemaster.co.nz/