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Strategic Planning and Development

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Create a Culture of High Performance

Put the spotlight on performance and motivate your high achievers. When you establish a culture of high performance you'll create business velocity like never before.

  • Give everyone the opportunity to prove their value.
  • Real-Time data keeps people accountable for their performance.
  • The platform enables everyone to celebrate – and multiply – their successes across the whole enterprise.
  • Job satisfaction increases when people know how they add value.
  • When your people understand your Strategy, it comes to life.
  • When they see how it arises from your Core Values, it engages them.
  • When you map it to their daily activities, it comes true.

Orchestration Is The Coordination Of People, Processes, Software And Data To Grow Business At Velocity. is the killer app that makes it all possible.
— Josh McKee, Founder and CEO of Atlas Staffing

The 4 Best Practices of Modern Management

Cascading Company Strategy

When your strategy cascades through company projects, metrics and tasks, individuals become focused, knowing exactly how their work contributes.

Meetings with Impact

Meetings put the spotlight on performance. As people review team tasks and company projects the traffic light metrics highlight who’s performing well and who needs a hand.


Metrics That Matter

With RESULTS you’ll establish the metrics for each team and individual, holding them accountable for their performance and retaining their focus.

Collaborate in Context

With RESULTS Connect conversations are held within projects, tasks or groups, keeping everyone focused. Collaboration empowers people to participate in more aspects of the business, adding value with each interaction.

The Business Productivity Platform.

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Access for Everyone

  • Minimum 25 users
  • Add users in blocks of 5
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Fully Supported

  • Account setup & support
  • Platform training
  • Integration setup
  • KPI Libraries

Strategic Planning and Development.


With 20 years business coaching and consulting under our belt our team are experts at helping businesses develop and execute strategic plans.

  • We'll help you develop a business strategy that cascades down through company projects, goals, metrics and tasks for all to see.
  • Each quarter Head of Strategy and consulting; Stephen Lynch facilitates a 6 hour workshop for your whole leadership team.
  • Define your Strategic Plan and key company projects for the next quarter
  • 1-1 Strategic Plan reviews from a team with 20 years experience
  • The Quarterly Strategic Review Workshops cost $2,500pp but are included in your software subscription.

With the help of the Platform we exceeded our 2016 growth target by 23%.
— Gerry Suckling. General Manager. Intex Group.

Expert Advice On-Demand.


Keep your business moving at velocity with on-demand expert advice in-app.

Connect with global experts to discuss and solve your business challengers in real time. In-App you'll see our live @RESULTScoach chat icon in the bottom left of your screen. 

Ask a question to start a conversation with one of our @RESULTScoach experts to discuss best practices, business challengers or other problems you're trying to solve today.


management and Product Training.

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Your best intentions will get diluted unless your people are on the same page. You don't have time to train them. We've got this. Our Management training is world class.


Certificate of Modern Management

  • Learn the Best Practices Modern Managers consider essential for success.
  • The Courses you'll complete are
    • Strategic Planning
    • Metrics That Matter
    • Projects and Tasks
    • Meetings with Impact
    • Hiring Best Practices
  • Self-Paced and Instructor Led program
  • Included with Subscription. Usually $2,995 pp

Product Training

  • On going program of workshops and videos to ensure everyone on your team knows how to use the RESULTS platform.
  • Metrics That Matter
  • Meetings with Impact
  • Collaboration in Context


Hear what Mark Rubin, Entrepreneur and Owner of five 1-800 GOT JUNK? Franchises has to say about the Platform.


The Productivity Platform is the Complete Solution to grow your business at Velocity.