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RESULTS may be the best investment you will ever make in your company.


  • Only 31% of Companies Have a Written Strategic Plan
  • Only 27% of Employees Have Access to the Strategic Plan
  • Only 5% of Employees Know Their Company’s Strategy
  • Only 15% of Employees Know Their Company’s Priorities
  • Only 6% of Employees Know Their Priorities

How can a company possibly can achieve its goals when 95% of its employees do not know the company’s strategy? 

This is addressed by our the first of RESULTS' 4 Pillars.

Our complete One Page Strategic Plan package brings alignment to your entire company. Your core values, core purpose, goals, key performance indicators, and much more, are shared with every team and employee in real-time.

Companies that have written strategic plans achieve 60% more than companies that do not.


  • Only 8% of small businesses measure their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Only 48% of business leaders in mega-companies can access their KPIs
  • Only 31% of mega companies have a dashboard for their business leaders

In the RESULTS.com system, we provide a real-time Metric (KPI) and strategic Project dashboard. It brings immediate focus to the leading indicators that are going to drive results. Executives and managers can see  how teams and individuals are doing.

Companies that measure their Metrics see as much as a 20% increase in profitability.


  • Over 15% of a company’s collective time is spent in meetings
  • Only 33% of meetings are rated effective by managers
  • Research shows that the average employee wastes 2.5 hours per week in ineffective meetings.
  • Only 27% of employees get regular feedback from their managers.

IntegratedMeetings™ is another pillar that pulls it all together, holding every employee accountable to achieving their goals. When every Agenda Item is directly aligned with the realization of a Strategic Plan, and is related to aiding each meeting attendee to achieve their individual and team goals, and when each meeting outcome is systematically recorded, tracked and openly reported — then the probability that your Strategic Plan will be achieved grows exponentially.

RESULTS can reduce time spent in meetings and create an average annual savings of $2,600 per year, per employee.

Collaboration & Communication

  • Over 23 % of the average employee’s workday is consumed by e-mail.
  • 112 emails per day are sent or received by the average employee

Our 4th pillar drives Collaboration in Context using an exciting component called ConnectTM

Connect attaches texting or messaging or chatting threads directly to projects and metrics. In the same way our Meetings interface helps keep people accountable, Connect lets them explain what's going on, ask for help, provide documentation, or just communicate openly.

By focusing communications on business, Connect can increase your operating margins, decrease expenses, and  increase earnings per share or its equivalent.


Here's why we're so confident that your investment in RESULTS generate one of the best returns you've seen from a software product:

  1. One Page Strategic Plan - companies that have them achieve 60% higher growth rate than those that don't.
  2. KPI Dashboard - companies that use them recognize 20% increase in profitability.
  3. Integrated Meetings - We will reduce time spent in meaningless meetings and create an average annual savings of $2,600 per year per employee, but more importantly provide a vehicle to drive employee accountability on a consistent basis.
  4. Collaboration in Context - Connect will dramatically reduce your email and can increase your operating margins, decrease expenses, and  increase earnings per share or its equivalent. It's much better to have employees focused on the key metrics and projects, rather than email.

And besides these financial benefits, you'll enjoy cultural ones as well, bringing your team together and helping everyone make better decisions. Just read what our customers have to say!