Perfect for customers, bloggers,
influencers & business coaches.


Easy Requirements:

  1. Every RESULTS customer qualifies.
  2. Show us a professional network to which you'd like to promote RESULTS (LinkedIn, FaceBook, your blog, etc.).
  3. Provide with at least one referral.
  4. Sign our Terms of Agreement (no fee required).

Simple Process

  1. Use our marketing materials to engage your network and to promote our software and courses.
  2. Use the referral form to submit leads.
  3. Our professional staff will determine if the lead is a win/win.
  4. If it is, and if the prospect buys, we will pay you a commission on the sale.

Nice Payout:

For leads that close within 90 days of being created:

  • 10% of first year software licensing
  • 40% of learning, development & strategic coursework (through
  • Financial reconciliation and payout quarterly.