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How Leadership Teams

Decide and Activate Quarterly Plans.

Maintain Business Velocity

RESULTS.com Quarterly Strategic Review workshops will help to ensure your strategic plan always addresses the current reality, and we'll help you choose your new Strategic Projects for the coming quarter.

Proven Methodology

We'll teach you our complete Strategic Planning methodology over the course of each calendar year, so every element of your strategic plan is continuously reviewed and updated.

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These workshops are aimed at CEO’s, their management teams, and other key influencers in the organization who are invited to take an active part in your strategic planning process. Registrations close 7 days prior to each workshop.

Stephen Lynch on the Essence of Strategy


With the range of customers Results.com have, we find the value of that spreading and an advantage to our team. Thanks for everything.
— Presco Environmental
An excellent full education and application into your own business of ‘strategy’. Highly recommend for companies looking for direction and understanding on this mysterious ‘strategy’ phenomena that everyone keeps talking about!
— Unicrest

The Nitty Gritty

These 6 hour virtual workshops are conducted in an Australasian timezone (starting at 11am NZT / 9am AEST), and repeated the following day (on the same date) in a North American timezone (starting at 9am PST / 12pm EST).

These workshops are aimed at CEO’s, their management teams, and other key influencers in the organization who are invited to take an active part in your strategic planning process. Registrations close 7 days prior to each workshop.

Please note: These workshops are valued at $2500 per participant. However Grow.RESULTS software clients can attend (every quarter) at no additional charge as part of your software subscription. 



Select the appropriate timezone on the right, and use the link to register every person on your team who will be participating in the strategic planning process.

We recommend limiting invitations to 10 or fewer people from your organization (usually managers and key influencers) to optimize decision making. There is 1 hour of pre-work required per person, so factor this workload into who you choose to attend.

One week prior, you will receive a link to an online pre-work exercise for every participant to complete and share with their colleagues prior to the planning day. The purpose of the pre-work exercise is to have every participant: 

  • Comment on the results and lessons learned in the current quarter
  • Identify the key issues currently facing the organization
  • Recommend actions to be taken in the coming quarter 

We strongly urge your team to share their workbooks, discuss performance on last quarter's Projects and Metrics, and capture the key lessons during the week prior to the workshop. This process also helps to get everyone "thinking strategically", so they arrive fully prepared to debate the options and make wise strategic choices on the day. 

(Note: The more discussion and debate you have in the days prior, the better. To just turn up for a strategic planning day and expect your people to make wise strategic choices without completing and discussing the strategy pre-work is a recipe for mediocrity) 


The 6 Hour Virtual Workshop:

Section 1: Quarterly Strategic Review (4 hours)

During the first section of the workshop, the facilitator will guide you through the RESULTS.com Quarterly Strategic Review process. They’ll share our proven best-practices to help you assess the current reality and choose your Strategic Projects for the coming quarter. They’ll also teach the best way to scope these Projects in your RESULTS.com software to drive implementation.

Section 2: High-Level Strategy “Deep Dive” (2 hours)

The RESULTS.com facilitator will choose 2 or 3 elements from the RESULTS.com strategic plan, provide eduction, and facilitate best-practice decision making in these areas. The topics for the “Deep Dive” change every quarter.

1st Quarter (end of March)         : Core Values, Core Purpose, BHAG
2nd Quarter (end of June)          : Target Market, Value Discipline, Core vs Non Core Activities
3rd Quarter (end of September)  : Strategic Positioning, Key Benefits, Brand Promise
4th Quarter (end of December)   : Industry Analysis, 3 to 5 Year Strategic Moves, Numerical Targets

The purpose is so that every element of your RESULTS.com strategic plan gets reviewed and updated at least once per year, before repeating the same quarterly cycle the following year.

Your strategic plan is a living document. Conducting Quarterly Strategic Reviews to refresh your plan every quarter will help to ensure that your strategic plan always addresses the current reality and sets you up for future success in your industry.

Hosted by Stephen Lynch

The workshop will be facilitated by Stephen Lynch, Head of Strategy and Consulting at RESULTS.com. Stephen is the author of the book, “Business Execution for RESULTS”, winner of best management book at the USA’s Small Business Book Awards 2014.

He has conducted hundreds of strategic planning sessions over the last decade, and will be available to answer your questions during (and after) the workshops.