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The RESULTS 101  series will teach you the basics of the platform. The first 1-hour session will cover your dashboard and the importance of metrics. Session 2 will dig into how a meeting is run in Results.

Part 1: Introduction to Dashboard

In part 1 of the 101 training we'll teach you and your team how to create and measure metrics that actually matter, increase visibility across your company and empower every single employee to drive their own success.

Part 2: Running Effective Meetings in

Ever sat through a meeting where you couldn't help but think, "this is a waste of time". In part 2 of Results 101 we'll take you though how to use to run your meetings using real-time metrics to have meaningful conversations with your team around their goals and foster a culture or engagement and collaboration.

Metrics that Matter Certification

This course will teach you how to identify and manage your key metrics; the critical success factors that drive the performance of your organization and functional teams. Clarifying and simplifying performance expectations will enable you to manage your people more effectively.