Welcome to the RESULTS.com Partnership Program

About our Partners Program


RESULTS offers two programs aimed at building a global network of partners authorised to sell our software and training programs or certified to use our methodology with their clients.

The program provides Business Consultants and Coaches the opportunity to leverage our software platform, training courses and other Intellectual Property to generate recurring income from all new business. 


About You


You will be the trusted advisor within your community, as a thought leader or business coach supporting an online digital audience or a physical local network of growing businesses.

You'll likely already be working closely with your clients, driving business strategy and helping them overcome the day-to-day hurdles leaders face to achieve long term sustainability.

You'll be helping them innovate, harness disruption for growth and gain competitive advantages to grow their market share and achieve their revenue targets.

This program is designed to help you achieve that using the RESULTS.com methodology, software platform and management training. 


Certified Consultants


You'll become a Certified RESULTS.com Consultant Partner, trained and authorised to use our methodology and software with your clients.

You'll have access to our Partner Marketing Kit and Training Courses to promote our platform to your prospects and clients.

You'll earn recurring 20% - 40% commission (based on your certification level) from all software and training revenue you generate. 

You'll have our full support to develop a sales pipeline and on-board new clients. 


Referral Partners


This is the perfect way to engage your digital or physical audience with RESULTS webinars, leadership content, software or management training and earn a healthy commission when they purchase.

We'll give you unique URL's to promote our programs to your audience that will track them through our system. If they purchase within 90 days of first contact you'll earn a 20% commission. 


We Have A Program Tailored to your needs



The Opportunity

Promote RESULTS training and software to your network in your own way and/or using the collateral, email templates and other marketing resources we provide. Recieve a revenue share on the sales we close together. Become trained and certified in the RESULTS consulting methodology. You'll gain workshops and consultig services to sell and deliver to your clients. With the full support of our team and the Productivity Software.

Using our marketing resources you'll be certified and licensed to promote RESULTS software and management training to your networks, generatiing recurring income from all revenue generated.

For Whom

Customers, business coaches, bloggers, speakers, influencers. Professional consultants with an established practice.

Tracking Leads

You'll get your very own UTM (Urchin Tracking Module). You've seen them before. They're the part of the URL following the question mark: www.results.com?partner=jane-doe. Attach it to the URL of a RESULTS page that has a form on it, and when a person fills out and submits that form, we'll know they came from you. That's all there is to it. Same.

Qualifications Required to Start & Continue

Marketing Kit

We Close the Sale

Commission on Close

Promote Courses

Promote Software

Recurring Revenue

Featured Profile Page on RESULTS.com

Dedicated Demonstration Account

Monthly Consulting Huddles

Certifications Required

Client Engagement Required