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RESULTS.com is a leading SaaS Business Management Platform, with over 5,000 users offering clients a cloud ­based software that creates alignment, increases engagement and accountability towards the organization's long­ term priorities.

RESULTS.com has received numerous awards and was recognised as a Winner of the Tie50 world’s top start­ups for 2014.

With global headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and North American headquarters in San Francisco, USA, RESULTS.com presents an exciting opportunity for candidates looking for international business experience, including:

  • Fast growing global SaaS business using the latest technology
  • High Performing Culture
  • Competitive salary
  • Exceptional training and on­going development programs to support your career growth

Job Brief

This position, located in our San Francisco office, requires a great deal of creativity and interpersonal capability. Travel time will grow significantly; at first, it will be virtually none, but within a year it will be up to 1/3 of your time.

Let’s start with the in-office part. We partner with a growing number of business consultants, and you will be their first line of contact for all things marketing. You will assist them in:

  • Setting up their Partner Page on our website, hosted on HubSpot.
  • Creating co-branded versions of our marketing materials using templates
  • Helping them understand how to use collateral to generate and close leads
  • Helping them set up email campaigns using our IP in their system (often ConstantContact)
  • Insuring that leads created are followed up

We’re very serious about face time with our partners. Based on various conditions, which you will help determine with the team, we will hold live events of different types that you will organize and oversee. Sometimes you will go with our team to manage the event, and sometimes our team will go without you, but will follow your itinerary.

These events will include, but will not be limited to:


  • For new consultants or advanced consultant prospects, we will host a dinner in their city. It will include a presentation, printed collateral, branding assets in the room, and the ability to close business in real time.
  • We will often invite clients to these events, or hold a separate one for them in the same city as part of the same trip. They will also include a presentation about product development, and a similar branding presence.
  • We will have similar gatherings for integration partners, media partners, and others significant to our business, which you will organize as efficiently as possible.


  • We are aggressively pursuing an iPaSS system that will enable us to serve niche markets, and so many of these conferences will be unique.
  • You will also pursue speaking engagements for our major thought leader, our President Stephen Lynch.
  • You will oversee our presence at major integration partner trade shows or conferences.

At some point in the near future, we will also host our own annual event, similar to HubSpot’s INBOUND or Salesforce’s Dreamforce. The person who wins this position will be perfectly positioned to become the owner of that event.

The successful candidate should have experience with HubSpot and should be tech savvy enough to quickly understand our partners’ technical needs for marketing. You should also have experience with design applications such as InDesign. You won’t need to do much creative work in this application, but you will need to be able to work from a template to a co-branded, finished product.

Since you will interface with so many people who are critical to our business, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills and great patience as a teacher. The successful candidate will always have a smile in their voice and will be happy to handle problems while preventing as many of them as possible. There’s a steep learning curve, but with the right attitude the potential is fantastic.

Our culture is fun-loving and energetic. No one at RESULTS requires "management" in the traditional sense of the word, and this is not an entry-level position. We're a team, and you're expected to make an outsized contribution every day. We align ourselves around these Core Values, which we'll also use during the interview process:

  • Client Success obsessed
  • Live what we teach
  • All for one
  • Make it easy for the client
  • Passion for learning
  • Simplicity is genius

First Step

Please email a cover letter and your resume to: careers@results.com