About The Program


For years Business Consultants and Coaches around the world have been reading our Leadership Content and adopting our methodology into their agencies.

As our software has developed and matured, more consultants and coaches have approached us, asking to sell our solution to their clients, as well as running their own businesses on RESULTS.

So we're here.

Stephen Lynch, our Head of Strategy has developed a Partner Certification Program so your clients and prospects know you are an authority on the RESULTS methodology and apply those Best Practices every day in the software and in coaching your clients. 

This Partner Program is a way for us to scale our business while helping to scale clients businesses around the world. 

We thought it was a 'no-brainer'. We hope you do too.


This guide is designed to outline the steps you'll take to become a RESULTS.COM Certified Partner and how we'll provide you with ongoing support. 


If you're reading this, one of our partnerships team has recognised your potential.

  • They've learnt that you're a trusted authority with your clients and in your community.
  • You're motivated to grow your business by supporting clients with proven methodologies and world classs software.
  • You've shown us you're driven by results.

The next intake for Partner Certification is:

July 15th, 2017

CONSULTANT Certification (Level 1) Qualification Criteria



  • Minimum 3 years experience as a Business Consultant or Coach. Or 5 years equivalent professional services experience if you're new to the consulting game.
  • Pass the RESULTS.com Certificate in Modern Management
  • Pass the RESULS.com Certified Partner Training Course
  • Pass Practical Exam to demonstrate competence of software features and functionality
  • Pass Practical Exam to demonstrate compete in theory and delivery of consulting methodology
  • Successfully on-board 1 new client into the RESULTS.com platform. Shadow sales and on-boarding program.

CERTIFIED Partner Recurring Revenue Structure


Level 1 Certification


Level 2 Certification


Level 3 Certification

Building your sales pipeline


Your Landing Page


  • Promote your business
  • Custom form to track leads
  • Social Media Profile
  • Embed your images or video

Our Marketing Kit

Access our complete library

  • Regularly updated with new resources
  • Suggested social media posts, press releases, blog posts and emails. 
  • Logos, website and email banners.
  • Custom links to monitor traffic and track leads

Managing your clients through the RESULTS.com Platform


All RESULTS.com Consulting Partners will be provided with a special 'Agency Account' that provides access to your Client Accounts. 

This Parent Account lets you facilitate you're own business coaching and mentoring in real time through live chat, create your own agency dashboards to monitor engagement and updated meeting notes, goals and tasks to ensure your clients are all on track.



Real-time mentoring

Support your clients with live chat, in-app to answer their questions, any time.

Meaningful Metrics

Build your Agency Dashboard

Monitor Engagement Rates and Key Metrics across your client base

Drive Performance

Update goals and tasks

Promote Best Practice Daily