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Where the built-in one page strategic plan is even more comprehensive and useful than the one you're using for free.

So what are you waiting for? 

Experience The Only Complete Solution:

Expert help with your strategic planning.

Expert help defining your Projects and Metrics.

Integrations pulling data from practically anywhere.

The platform itself, which embeds your strategy in goals, metrics, meetings and chat while letting your team interact with their job the way they interact with friends on social media.

Business coaching available on-demand to your leadership.

Quarterly strategic plan audits.

Management training and certifications.

All for one low monthly fee.

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The Productivity PLaybook

Four plays you can use right away to tackle every Leadership Team's biggest challenge: getting better work from the people you already have.

This gets to the essence of modern management, and can help improve your company's performance and profitability. 

But it's just the beginning.

The Millennial Manual

It's not easy keeping everyone focused on the right work. That's especially true for Millennials, who now make up 36% of the workforce, and for post-recession employees, who make up almost all the rest.

They want to participate, but only under certain circumstances. Provide them, and they'll buy-in and own your company's success. 

We'll show you how.



Metrics that matter

What's the best thing about modern management? For today's workforce, accountability and engagement are the same thing.

If you do it right. Today's talent requires creative and accurate Key Performance Indicators. 

They're an art form. And so, there are two parts to this Kit. First we cover Best Practices, and then we give you a workbook to start creating them.

FYI, a RESULTS license includes support (by consultants with 20+ years of experience) for exactly this exercise.

Meetings with Impact

Meetings suck, right? And when they fail, you hold more of them, don't you?

Let's jump off that hamster wheel, right now.

We'll show you how to make your meetings meaningful, actionable and brief. There's a lot more to it than just the agenda. We'll teach you all of it.




Strategy in a Digital Age - Webinar

Strategy isn't a goal, it's not a target, it's not a plan, and it's not an excuse.

Find out how to get it right from award winning author and our Head of Strategy, Stephen Lynch.

According to research from Harvard University, 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution. This 45 minute webinar will help make you one of the 10% where it not only works, but inspires.



Strategic Springboard

Modern management starts with strategy, and today's workforce can't engage without it. They need to know how their daily activities fit the big picture, and when they do, they own both the strategy and the activity.

That's a cascading strategy, and you're right — it's not easy to articulate one.

Overcome the biggest challenges with this Springboard.