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The Ultimate One Page Strategic Plan Template


5 Reasons Why Our Strategic Planning Template is the best in the world.

  1. We’ve made our strategic plan customizable so that you can edit the fields and add your own fields as you see fit, so whether you use our strategic planning methodology, or some other methodology like, Traction, Rockefeller Habits, Scaling up etc, you can adapt our strategic plan to suit your needs.
  2. We are not beholden to any so-called “guru” and continually update our methodology to incorporate new research findings.
  3. We believe there are gaps in other methodologies, and we take special care to fill those gaps.
  4. We include important strategic elements that other plans fail to capture like: How to choose the right Value Discipline; How to choose which products, services and activities will be core to your future success, and which will be non-core; How to thoroughly analyze your industry and choose your long term strategic moves to address industry disruption; and more...
  5. We have consultants who can audit your strategic plan and provide expert feedback. They’ll challenge your decisions, and show you how to avoid common strategic planning mistakes. You can meet for a full debrief session when you are done, or use @RESULTScoach to live chat with them and get answers to your questions real time while you are making your decisions.

Create Your ultimate one-page plan.


The  One Page Plan template is free for anyone to use. Customers using our full platform benefit from a completely integrated Strategic Plan that cascades down through company goals, metrics and tasks.

Only 5% of employees understand their company's strategy.

Our One Page Strategic Plan helps you change that. You've never seen anything quite like it. It will challenge you to define your business ambition, and will put you and your team on the path to achieving it. 

It includes tons of videos that let you learn what we've taught at our Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneurial (MIT) Masters Program courses. 

We're proud to offer it for free as a service to entrepreneurs worldwide. And should you decide to become a client, the strategic plan you created for free can be incorporated into your instance of 

We are, after all, the only business operating system that bases everything –goals, meetings, tasks & chat – on your strategic plan.

With the help of the Platform we exceeded our 2016 growth target by 23%.
— Gerry Suckling. General Manager. Intex Group