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Do strategy like a boss.

Learn How to Create your business strategy - on 1 page

Join this invite only webinar with Stephen Lynch's strategic planning software has been leveraged by tens of thousands of executives to align their small and mid-sized businesses for tactical and long-term success.

It's built upon twenty years of business coaching experience. That matters, because we cover all the gaps that other methodologies miss.

Our approach was an essential component of the entrepreneurial courses we taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And today, it is widely recognized as one of the best and most complete templates in the world.

This 90-minute online workshop distills for you the essence of what strategic planning truly is, and guides you as you start to create your One Page Strategic Plan. 

Most executives need this guidance. It's too easy to think that financial goals or general ambitions count as strategy. We'll help you avoid pitfalls like those, and we will challenge you to do your best thinking. When you're done, every person on your team will be able to clearly see who you are as an organization, where you are going, and how you are going to get there.

Your strategy ought to inspire excellence, and for the world's most successful entrepreneurs, that's exactly what it does. Creating your plan comes first, and this course will show you how.


don't have a strategy?

This webinar will show you how to build one.

Have a Strategy?

This webinar will show you how to audit It. We'll challenge you to make better quality strategic decisions.

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  • NZ/AU - March 16th 1 - 2.30pm NZT
  • USA/CAN - March 16th 9 - 10.30am PST

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Excellent and coherent presentation of ideas and a great framework for developing a comprehensive business strategy.
— Corey - February Webinar
Absolutely amazing - opened up so many areas I never knew existed. Have already recommended it to friends.
— Ann-Marie - February Webinar

Meet Presenter - Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch is the Head of Strategy and Consulting at Stephen is a Kiwi, based in the San Francisco office.’s software gives them unique and privileged insights into the day to day operations of thousands of small-medium sized growth firms around the world. Stephen gets to see what really works and what doesn’t in terms of strategic planning and business execution, goal setting, tracking performance, running effective meetings, engaging employees and holding them accountable.

To save you from spending several lifetimes trying to figure it all out for yourself, you can access powerful (and often counter intuitive) insights in this presentation.

Having spent 10 years as part of the executive team at, Stephen knows what it’s like to run and grow a global business. He has also personally consulted with many hundreds of firms over the years, assisting them with strategic planning, business execution, and accountability.

Stephen has had articles published in The Economist, and writes a weekly email newsletter that has over 40,000 business leader subscribers around the globe. He is the author of the award-winning book: Business Execution for RESULTS - a practical guide for leaders of small to mid sized firms. His book was judged best management book in the USA’s 2014 Small Business Book Awards.

Strategy in a digital age


Society and technology is evolving faster than many companies can adapt. Research from the Harvard business school shows that (up to) 90% of strategies fail due to poor execution. This assumes your company even has a "real" strategy to begin with. Learn the fundamentals of how to choose a winning long-term strategy for your business.