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Live Webinar With Sturdy McKee and Benjamin Stidham


In our training as healthcare providers we get virtually no education in business. What we end up with, as an industry, is a bunch of smart people who go out on their own to start private practices, but without an even rudimentary knowledge of how to start and run a business. We are essentially left to learn this through on-the-job training, much to the providers' financial peril.

If we treated our businesses as we treat one of our patients, learning, developing plans, monitoring for health, we could see our businesses thrive.

With just a little bit of education around the basics of owning and operating a business, huge strides can be made in the ease and efficiency of operations in a private practice.

In this webinar will be going over 5 critical metrics for your health care practice.

  • What metrics should be tracked?
  • Why should they be tracked?
  • What can be done to influence them for better efficiency and results?

This webinar will be especially relevant for those practices with 4 or more providers. It will be relevant for physicians, physical therapists, and dentists, as well as other health care providers.

Join us for an important and informative hour that will pay huge dividends for your practice going forward. 

Attend this live webinar on June 15th.

11am PST - North America / Canada

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