Live Data

Promote Productivity in Real-Time

Gone are the days of Annual Performance Reviews. Today Modern Management and their teams demand instant feedback. They want to know how they contribute to company goals and how they're performing at a moments notice.

In data from your operational systems rolls up into dashboards for teams and individuals so everyone can participate in meetings and live-chat to achieve them.


Orchestrate for Organisational Clarity

Effortlessly pull data from anywhere into elegant measurements. Align your company, its conversations, actions and decisions to deliver real business results.

We can pull metrics from many CRM, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Development Software applications like;

  • Quickbooks
  • MYOB
  • Google Sheets
  • Workflow Max
  • Google Analytics
  • Jira
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • SQL Database
  • MySQL Database
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Xero

Ask us during your Demo or speak to your Account Manager for more information.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Accessiable 24/7 from any device is an online software application accessed via a web browser or mobile app. It is not installed on-premise. 

The benefits of a cloud-based software application are immediate:

  • You always have access to the most current version of the software. 
  • Everyone can access the software from any computer, any browser or Android/iPhone smartphone devices
  • 99% uptime. On the rare occasions the software goes down, our team will have it back up in running in moments.


Mobile Apps

Connect your mobile teams with apps on Android and Apple Devices

Now you can contribute to company conversations, review dashboards and manage team tasks on the move. 

Our mobile apps give you complete access to your platform.

Download a mobile app here


Applied Best Practices to keep your data locked down

Encrypted Credential Storage

We store credentials using 256-bit AES encryption. AES is the global standard for encryption and every web browser uses it for connecting securely to banks and other sensitive sites. We uniquely generated the encryption keys per instance of each integration for each client, so no two integrations share the same encryption details. All securely encrypt all credential information we gather prior to storage, whether directly from users or supplied by the third-party service. We never store plaintext values for any credentials.

SQL Database

Whether we're storing encrypted credential values in our SQL database or storing user-selected KPI parameters, we store all this information in our SQL database. Microsoft Azure stores our database in their secure, enterprise-grade data centers. More information about Microsoft's security practices can be found at:

SQL Database Data Content Encryption

All of our SQL databases employ encryption, which helps protect against the threat of malicious activity by performing real-time encryption and decryption of the database, associated backups, and transaction log files at rest. This provides an additional layer of security on top of our existing credential encryption.

HTTPS Encryption

All information transferred between and your browser takes place over HTTPS using SHA256 RSA encryption with a 2048 bit private key, the “gold standard” in modern web security. This encrypts all information sent between and your browser.