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Employee retention in any industry can be challenging, though it’s often amplified in creative fields particularly when there’s a large pool of Gen Y talent. Partnering with RESULTS.com, JFM is conquering employee engagement by embracing the needs of its Gen Y talent and producing ideas that are exceptionally creative, results focused, and on brief. 


Advertising agencies are at the forefront of creativity and innovation. This requires a constant level of investment to keep up-to-date with changes in marketing technology. This also requires an investment in talent, making sure that they’re equipped to add value to client relationships. However, the reality is 1). The talent behind moneymaking ideas aren’t always available where your business is based, and 2). The best creative thinking isn’t conducive to the standard 9a-5p workday schedule.

JFM, like many advertising agencies, needed to find a balance between fostering an environment that cultivates creative thinking, and simultaneously making sure the environment is aligned to delivering bottom-line business results. This is why JFM decided to leverage the RESULTS.com software to make sure they’re cost competitive, responsive to client needs, and extraordinarily productive. 

I’d recommend RESULTS.com to forward thinking business leaders. It creates a level of transparency, honesty that your team hasn’t been exposed to before. As a leader, it helps you build a personal relationship with your team and the gains you get from that are unmeasurable. People feel part of the company, not I work for the company.

— Jo Foster – Business Owner & Director. JFM, New Zealand


JFM wanted to build an environment which empowered employees to build these relationships and provide visibility into how their efforts help to propel the company forward. Before RESULTS.com data was segmented in different systems, JFM would have to run reports from several applications in order to understand overall business performance. Working with RESULTS.com, JFM identified their KPIs and automated directly into RESULTS.com.

This provided JFM with complete transparency into company performance, both the good and bad, equipping everyone with data showing how their individual efforts fuel company success. Everyone now has visibility into resource allocation, jobs in the pipeline, jobs in progress, and jobs billed. This resonated well with JFMs younger (Gen Y) team, the visibility enjoy provided Gen Y greater autonomy over their projects and work schedule as long as they meet their KPIs / performance goals.

Transparency is one thing, but on its own does not provide a clear path to execution. JFM used the built-in “Integrated Meetings” of RESULTS.com to review the data and drive projects forward. Meetings are often the most expensive part of business, especially for agencies where this time isn’t always billable.

By using RESULTS.com “Integrated Meetings,” JFM was able to improve meeting effectiveness and has seen an initial 3% lift in meeting productivity. 

About JFM

Just like every business is different, every marketing communication project is different.

Lucky for you, JFM offers a serious range of professional skills and services which can be applied to cover almost any scope you require. Tell JFM what’s on your mind, and they'll work with you to create a package of services which ticks every box on your wish list - and then some.

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