In order [for people to] contribute according to their potential, a leader must care about others, trust others to do their part, and behave in ways that earn trust from others.
— Linda Fisher, 7 Lenses

RESULTS works with visionaries who want to grow their organization through management excellence, and who intend to dominate their market with clear strategic planning.

Assuming you're one of them, you want to pursue management excellence because you've already got a great team. You know they could do more. Productivity could be higher. Quality could be easier to maintain. Lack of focus, it seems, is your biggest source of waste and problems. So you want to create clarity. 

That leads you to strategic planning, because dozens of studies show that today’s employees focus best when they understand the big picture. It also leads you to transparency, since people will need at least some additional information in order to understand it.

And it led you to us, because you need a method to make it happen and a way to keep it going.


Change Management

Many people do not want to know the full details of how their firm is doing, nor do they want to be held fully responsible for its outputs. Instead, they want to know enough to do their job well and they want to have the right to know more.

How do you create clarity? How do you give your people the big picture? And how do you profit from the benefits of doing those things?

Our management platform enables you to do all three. 

RESULTS is the only platform specifically designed around the the world’s most current and most thoroughly proven management psychology. 

It is the only one that:

  • Fully integrates strategy, goals, meetings and chat in a simple, seamless interface. 

  • Includes consulting to help you create your strategy, goals, metrics and meeting cadence.

  • Includes management training so your leadership team can maximize its positive benefits.


The Management Platform

Change management has been in existence for over half a century. Yet despite the huge investment that companies have made in tools, training, and thousands of books, most studies still show a 60-70% failure rate.

RESULTS lets you do everything modern management encourages: Align people intelligently. Engage them. Manage through positive feedback. Use time efficiently. Capture every great idea. Enjoy a culture of excellence. 

And it lets you provide the one thing modern employees want most, which is to have their job on their phone, similar to social media. That way they can keep track of it and they can interact with coworkers. They can feel secure that they’re handling their job and they can feel confident that the company is stable. 

All those things combined throw open every door to buy-in and creative problem solving. Most employees leap through those doors and become team members who think like owners.


Leadership Management

88% of executives think they demonstrate the change they want from their employees, but only 53% of their employees agree.

If you want change like that, you must lead it. The beauty of using RESULTS is that you’ll have plenty of assistance. A thorough onboarding process, courses in management and quarterly workshops combine in your favor.

And when you’re done, everything from metrics to your strategic plan will be in the app. It will be alive, in the hands of your team, and you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on and who is making it happen.

Some of our clients onboard their executive team first. Others get started by applying RESULTS to one department. Many start by onboarding everyone at once. Some define their strategy first, and others dive in and get things going, letting their strategy fill in over time.

Either way, senior management must lead change or it simply doesn’t happen. Implementing RESULTS is the easiest way to deliver this leadership and to make it last.


Getting Started

The single most common fail at meetings is to forget to capture the conversation and put it into a form that can be easily retrieved later.

Let’s look at a “dive right in” approach: 

Since your ultimate goal is a tighter, more engaged and more strategically aligned team, you decide that your immediate goal should be better meetings. 

If lack of focus is your biggest source of waste and problems, then communications is your first line of defense. But most meetings fail to communicate, despite the fact that, worldwide, according to Gallup, we spend as much as 2 out of every 5 workdays in them. 

What’s wrong with them? 


Meetings With Impact

The RESULTS meetings interface is a product unto itself.
— Entrepreneur Mark Rubin of

Studies in HBR show that managers almost universally consider meetings that have no set agenda, no solid metrics and no focused objective to be a complete waste of time. 

They’re right. 

So if you systematize your meetings around those three things, then you empower your managers to run meetings with impact. That’s why meetings with agendas, metrics, and focused objectives are built into our platform. 

That’s also why we offer management certifications in how to run them for the greatest effect. RESULTS makes tracking progress from meeting to meeting easy, so they gather force over time. 

Many of our clients think our meetings interface is one of our best features. We’re the only management platform that has one.



Transparency is very accept at the beginning. But now it’s become normal, and it’s OK. It’s not just an upper management thing.
— David Lowry, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the 40-city strong North American sports and social league CLUBWAKA

Improving your meetings shows your commitment to communicating clearly and efficiently, which is great. 

Now you need to control what is communicated. 

Ideally, every person who comes to a meeting ought to be there to report on something concrete. This is where metrics and projects come into play.

Projects you know; Metrics are harder. 

First, they require a certain level of transparency. Don’t let that bother you. A low level of transparency will produce the management effect you want. 


Metrics that Matter

As emerging research shows, pride gives people grit.

You already track metrics – probably a lot of them. 

But since RESULTS is all about management, you’ll want to focus on the metrics that matter to your managers and their employees.

A metric matters if:

  • The person or team responsible for it can make it move on their own 

  • It has a clear connection to business success

Defining them takes creativity and experience, and we have a proprietary process that we’ll run with you during your onboarding. We also offer certifications that will teach it to you, and we have consulting partners who are world-class experts at it.

Done right, they empower people to succeed personally as they help the organization succeed.


Performance - Not Reviews

The yearly ritual of evaluating (and sometimes rating and ranking) the performance of employees epitomizes the absurdities of corporate life.

Tracking metrics and projects lets everyone – and their manager – know how they’re doing every single day.

That way, they can solve problems in real time. Even better, they can also see what’s succeeding in real time. They understand their work in those terms, and become even more productive.

This method also replaces your existing performance review process. No matter how hard you try, reviews always come across as the manager’s subjective, judgemental opinion. They invariably distract and even distress people, often for long periods of time. 

It's much better to constantly track metrics and projects. People team up around them and bring their creativity to them. 




What you pay attention to drives behavior... You get better performance with shorter measurement cycles.
— Stephen Lynch, Business Execution for RESULTS

Many metrics will be pulled from another application, like Salesforce, Quickbooks, NetSuite, etc. RESULTS integrates with dozens of them.

It’s critical to understand that syncing up applications can be time consuming and difficult. Sometimes the other application will not allow the data we want to be exported directly. This will be due to the other application’s proprietary limits, so this problem is beyond our control and yours.

There is almost always a solution. For example, since you can always export all of your own data, we might export it into a Google Sheet and pull it into RESULTS from there. Sometimes, you will need to dedicate internal resources to create SQL queries or some other code-level transfer mechanism.

No matter what data source or challenge we face, our team will work with you to make sure the perfect metric is in RESULTS.




[Leaders] often believe they can ‘manage the truth….’ Today this typically fails, and people immediately see the deception.

It’s worth the work.

Managing with Projects and Metrics is the best way to get people strategically aligned. 

That's because as soon as people have their own Project or Metric, they will want to see the "big picture" in the form of everyone else’s Projects and Metrics. 

Including yours.

This is where top-line company Metrics usually come into play, and these are the ones most likely to challenge your comfort zone. Don’t worry, you’re not going to come anywhere close to revealing something you don’t want to. 

But you will need to put the company’s performance out there for measurement, right along with everyone else’s.



Goal Drill Down

Visionary leaders communicate the superordinate goals of the organization [to their people, including] how all the divisions, departments, and project teams are necessary for achieving these goals.

That’s all the transparency you need to align your team. Here’s why:

The whole point behind providing company-wide metrics is to show each person how their personal metric rolls up into one of them.

RESULTS’ Goal Drill Down feature makes that visual and lets you pull it into any meeting. Any top level goal, including ones for the whole company, can be made up of several Child Goals. 

That way, each person can see how, and where, and through whom their personal success contributes to the company’s success. 

After Meetings, this is the part of our platform that our executives like best.

Its cultural impact can be profound. When each team can see how their work interlocks with other teams’ work, and when they can get a handle on other team’s challenges by looking at their Metrics, a lot of light bulbs start going off. 


Business Intelligence

Too many folks look for the one silver bullet that will solve all analytics problems they ever have without fully defining the immediate problem to solve. And that is why so many BI projects fail.

Compare that to “business intelligence software” which takes your data from other applications and puts it into a stimulating visualization on one screen. 

With BI, you’re betting that you’re not understanding your data and that the visualization will make your light bulb go off. Or, if that doesn’t happen, then you hope that maybe it will for someone on your Leadership Team.

We talk to a lot of CEOs after they’ve tried that. While the business intelligence software certainly taught them something, it ultimately did not help them to improve their business. 




Burned-out employees cost the U.S. nearly $190 billion a year in health-care costs alone.

You want each of your employees to understand their data and how it maps to everyone else's and to the organization's.

You want a hundred light bulbs to go off, all across your company, because you've shown your employees how to take care of their company and their career.

You’re treating them with respect. You’re inviting them to succeed. You’re inviting them to see the big picture, and to make it work better. That’s how to take full advantage of every positive and wonderful thing about today’s workforce. 

The practical result is a culture of teamwork, a culture of success, and significantly higher productivity.


Collaborate in Context

55% of [employees] who had gone through a change event at work said they wished their employer offered more digital and social engagement.

A culture like that creates conscientious employees. They want to switch on the hundred light bulbs.

If they can, they will. 

That’s what Connect is for. It’s the communications engine built into RESULTS. It’s unique in the industry, because all Connect conversations are associated with Goals, Metrics and Teams. Threads appear on the same screen, right next to what they track.

RESULTS makes sure that your team can communicate easily, while keeping those communications business-focused. 


Positive Feedback Loops

The engagement level of employees who receive recognition is almost three times higher than the engagement level of those who do not.
IBM Study

At this point, the experience of your RESULTS platform is similar to social media, except that it’s entirely work-focused. 

When an employee logs in, they can view the status of all their goals on their Dashboard. They can see any messages they need to respond to in Connect. They can check their calendar and pre-populate upcoming meetings with notes and questions. If you’ve been using our Meeting agendas, you also have a large and growing body of data about successes and behind-the-scenes excellence.

That’s exactly what you need to build your business with positive feedback. Publically acknowledging great work gets people in a constructive frame of mind.

This is the environment that today’s employee responds to best. The cultural shift will be obvious to everyone – especially your customers.


Margin From Culture

When employees find out that their company makes customers happy, their productivity spikes.

When everyone knows their part and wants to participate, you have achieved modern management.

RESULTS, along with all of the training and consulting included, enabled you to make to make this transition smoothly. And all of your work is made elegantly functional in the app your team uses every day.

Now your employee has his job on his phone, and you have a dashboard that summarizes the current state of your business, down to the person, so you’ll know how well you’re tracking relative to your strategic plan.

Our customers have significantly increased margins and profitability with this transition. 


The Future Is Yours

Leaders who are focused on helping team members develop are always viewed in a very positive light.

Soon enough, leaders of all kinds will consider a management platform like RESULTS to be the normal way to run an organization.

Within a decade, showing your strategy and the platform supporting it will be a prerequisite for getting a loan, venture capital, and any other type of investment. Top employees will want to see it before they take a job, and every employee will expect it to be there on their first day.

We already know that using one works better. People are happier. Management is cooperative. Executives can track employees and data in real time. Margin and profit go up and stay high. Organizations run this way succeed gracefully and confidently because everyone is part of it.

Why wait? You're looking at the solution you need. Let us show it to you in detail:

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