| Business Productivity Platform - Features and Benefits

We've turned the 4 Best Practices of Modern Management into the Key features of our Business productivity Platform. 

Cascading Strategic Plan.

1-Page Strategic Plan.

Only 5% of employees understand their company's strategy. Our One Page Strategic Plan helps you change that. You've never seen anything quite like it. It will challenge you to define your business ambition, and will put you and your team on the path to achieving it.

In RESULTS your Strategy Cascades down through company projects, metrics and tasks for teams and individuals so everyone can see how they contribute to success.

Metrics That Matter.

Projects and KPIs.

The engine room of any business are the projects individuals and teams need to complete to build products, market and sell. Here everyone can see exactly how they contribute to the business.

Metrics are updated in real-time from data within your operational business systems like CRM, Marketing Automation and Finance software. This organisational visibility helps leaders and managers promote productivity in real-time, motivating people to perform at their best.

My Dashboard 

Teams View

Collaboration In Context.

RESULTS Connect.

Our Live-Chat and Collaboration feature empowers everyone to contribute, adding value with each interaction. Discuss, debate, iterate and celebrate on the fly from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. 

Create groups around projects, tasks or teams so the conversations are always on-point and organized.

Tag people with @Mentions to include them in the conversation. When you hover over a staff member you can quickly click through to their dashboard.

Meetings With Impact.

Integrated Meetings.

In RESULTS Meetings are integrated with preset agendas, Tasks, Projects and Metrics. Meetings become focused, efficient and collaborative as people work together to achieve individual and team goals. 

Celebrate success, reinforce your core values and use the Parking Lot for new ideas or projects that are out of scope.

When Metrics are integrated the spotlight on performance makes everyone accountable and motivated. Here meetings have impact, are kept short and focused.