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RESULTS.com is a leading SaaS Business Management Platform, with over 5,000 users offering clients a cloud ­based software that creates alignment, increases engagement and accountability towards the organization's long­ term priorities.

RESULTS.com has received numerous awards and was recognised as a Winner of the Tie50 world’s top start­ups for 2014.

With global headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and North American headquarters in San Francisco, USA, RESULTS.com presents an exciting opportunity for candidates looking for international business experience, including:

  • Fast growing global SaaS business using the latest technology
  • High Performing Culture
  • Competitive salary
  • Exceptional training and on­going development programs to support your career growth

Job Brief

This position, located in our San Francisco office, requires technical mastery of several marketing platforms and tracking techniques. It does not involve copywriting or graphics creation.

The successful candidate will be able to readily enter into a detailed discussion about the requirements below, provide examples of how to implement and optimize them, and explain how to quantify each asset’s performance.

One essential linear process looks like this: You will set up entire campaigns with slugs for text and with provided images. In HubSpot, you’ll create forms, landing pages, nurture workflows, and emails, including a/b tests for the landing pages and emails. The new workflows will integrate seamlessly with existing ones. In AdWords, you will create targeted campaigns, ad groups and ads with the proper links back to the HubSpot assets. In Analytics you will establish the correct Goal structure to optimize the AdWords campaigns and enhance SEO.

Others will then populate these assets with copy, keywords and imagery, completing the campaign. You will then start and monitor it. You will be responsible for staying on budget, of course. But your real responsibility will be producing reports on the effectiveness of the campaign and every asset within it. You will alert us when an a/b test has produced a winner, and all of us will decide what to do next. You will let us know when a keyword list needs to be revisited or when negatives need to be added. You will also monitor the workflows in HubSpot to insure our nurture functions properly, and you’ll monitor a/b tests in there as well.

There is some tedium involved. We run regular webinars, and you will be responsible for keeping the registration process current, and for tailoring it to different timezones.

On an ongoing basis you will maintain the integrity of all of our marketing systems, including their integration with Salesforce, and will spot-check data flow between HubSpot & Salesforce to insure accuracy. You will provide weekly reports showing exactly what path new clients took, from their initial contact to closed-won. On a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) you will provide the raw data for marketing reports that will show results and ROI on specific efforts.

Google AdWords

  • Expert-level implementation and optimization of campaigns.
  • Expert-level integration with Analytics, particularly Goals.
  • Expert-level bid optimization.
  • Ability to provide specific reasons for quality scores.

Google Analytics

Ability to provide detailed analysis of:

  • AdWords campaigns
  • Search Enhancements
  • Keyword performance
  • Search engine metrics

Mastery of Goals and their relation to AdWords is essential


  • Ability to establish targeted campaigns of any type.
  • Ability to create a/b tests, insofar as LinkedIn enables it.
  • Understanding of how campaigns produce organic growth for our Group.


Expertise needed in everything except the Design Studio. The more creative you are here, the better.


Ability to create Campaigns in Salesforce and/or associate existing ones to HubSpot campaigns.

Structured Data

Understanding of how to optimize it and how to write JSON for it.


Our Facebook efforts are nascent but they will evolve to leverage video and animations. You should know how to manage our Facebook homepage, set up Facebook campaigns, and link them all back to HubSpot.

Equally Important

Our culture is fun-loving and energetic. No one at RESULTS requires "management" in the traditional sense of the word, and this is not an entry-level position. We're a team, and you're expected to make an outsized contribution every day. We align ourselves around these Core Values, which we'll also use during the interview process:

  • Client Success obsessed
  • Live what we teach
  • All for one
  • Make it easy for the client
  • Passion for learning
  • Simplicity is genius

First Step

Please email a cover letter and your resume to: careers@results.com