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Disruptive technology has created rampant competition in the hotel industry with the likes of Airbnb. Online review sites also require constant attention to detail when it comes to maintaining a high-level of service and a prestigious product. 


In an industry known for higher than average attrition, CQ Hotels needed a solution that would engage their team, foster team alignment across the entire organization, and a measure to improve effectives with VIP customers.

As with many fast-paced operations, CQ Hotels found that teams were being pulled in multiple directions and not maintaining focus on strategic priorities. This problem was systemic, in order to support the high-quality brand image, the team felt obligated to manage “distractions.”

CQ Hotels tried to manage this with a series of meetings and a combination of excel sheets. It wasn’t very effective. This is why they decided to bring in the RESULTS.com management dashboard. 

RESULTS.com gives me a visual understanding of where my company and teams are headed. We’re working as an engaged team, collaborating with each other and helping everyone meet their goals. It’s very user friendly, you don’t have to be a tech genius to be able to use the product and more importantly 10% understand what is or isn’t happening. It has helped our team keep focused on our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

— Olivier Lacoua – General Manager, CQ Hotels – Wellington


The CQ Hotels team went through a change revolution. Working with RESULTS.com, what was previously managed in a series of disparate systems was migrated onto a single dashboard. This process involved two key steps: 1). Identifying and prioritizing company strategic priorities through the RESULTS 1-Page Strategic Plan, and 2). Assigning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to teams and individual team members.

Both management and individual team members now have complete transparency into what other people are working on, helping to improve the effectiveness of job completion; keeping people focused on their assigned tasks, and removing duplication of efforts. Meetings have been reduced and distilled to what’s most important. People are no longer working in silos, rather they are sharing updates and communicating with each other in the company-wide social news feed.

Since implementing RESULTS.com, CQ Hotels has achieved remarkable results, including: a boost in team confidence and engagement; a market share increase of 10%; and overall occupancy increase just shy of 5%. 

About CQ Hotels 

CQ Hotels is the home away from home for business travellers and holidaymakers. CQ Hotels differentiates itself from the competition on many levels by maintaining guests with a personalized experience, convenient location(s), and high-quality accommodations.