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The Pendolino Group
San Francisco Bay Area, California


HR, Compensation, Strategic Planning, KPIs


A premier San Francisco Bay Area-based Human Resources consulting firm:

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Engage and unite your team. Ensure that everyone acts in alignment with a shared vision.

Leadership, Training, & Development

Leadership training designed to make people feel inspired and committed.

Compensation & Benefits

Strategic compensation and benefits aligned to motivate employees and build business.

Performance & Engagement

Performance management that builds an inspiring and thriving workplace culture.


Our Clients Range From 2 to 4,500+ Employees:

When you’re a tech start-up or a rapidly growing company, thinking about HR is one of the last things you may make time for. But not only is it critical for compliance and attracting top talent, it is also essential for creating a positive workplace culture that fosters productivity and performance to hit your growth targets.

We believe that the smallest of tech start-ups should be able to access the expertise of a seasoned HR team at an affordable cost, because if you get human resources right from the beginning, your business will have a firm foundation on which to grow.

A Scalable & Strategic Approach to Outsourcing Human Resources
Need affordable HR advice for a just few hours per month? Or do you need a HR professional embedded in your team and in-house for a few hours per week?

We understand that all start-ups have varying HR needs, and that’s why we’re flexible and adaptable in our approach so that you can get it right from the start.

Together we’ll create a scalable HR package for your company’s needs, whether you need a couple of hours per month or a dedicated in-house HR consultant on your team — we can work with wherever you are now — to help you get to where you truly want to be.

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