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Double Team
Los Angeles, California


Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development


We Help Business Owners Prepare Presentations to Investors and Bankers

In order to help our clients raise the money they need, we "double-team" with them on three presentation aspects: (1) business strategy & plan; (2) pitch prep; and (3) delivery.

The business strategy & plan, pitch preparation, and presentation delivery can be likened to a three-legged stool:

The business strategy & plan--if not wisely decided--cannot likely be overcome by the most splendid pitch preparation and presentation delivery. And similarly, no spell-binding presentation delivery can be expected to make up for a business strategy & plan that doesn't "add up," or hasn't been well thought-through and persuasively written.

Savvy investors and bankers know this. They can see through the weaknesses on any leg of this three-legged-stool. After working with hundreds of clients, we've heard all the questions and seen all the rabbit-holes that can be dug up by money-sources!

Our specific "deliverables": (1) business strategy & plan--creating or revisiting your business strategy, and writing a 30-40 page business plan; (2) pitch preparation-- developing a persuasive 10-12 page investor presentation; and (3) delivery--coaching you on making a presentation to investors that raises money. (Once funding is achieved, we often help clients--if asked--to implement parts of their new business plan.)

It pays to “double-team” this all-important presentation development, with your CEO working with Doug Hedlund. (It's like double-teaming with two defenders against the star player on a basketball opponent.)

This isn't a run-of-the-mill project to do yourself with a business plan book, or 'recipe-like' business plan software, or delegating the task to someone who hasn't the experience to do it well. Instead, it calls for a serious outside point-of-view from a business-plan pro--one who also has 15 years of CEO experience himself, and a Columbia MBA in marketing.

As a business strategy & plan consultant, Doug has helped client CEOs of some 480 different product manufacturers and service marketers to reassess their marketing approach, develop their business plans, attract investment capital, manage their operations, and expand their businesses profitably. Why not bring all this experience and expertise to bear on your strategy, plan, and presentation?

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