Thousands of businesses around the world already use to manage their teams according to their own management philosophies and in line with their strategic goals.

If you help businesses with management and/or strategy, leaving RESULTS behind turns that client into a long-term recurring revenue stream, and makes it far more likely that they will retain you and ask you for further assistance.

We work hand-in-glove with our consultants to insure a successful launch of the platform. As a partner, you will be able to view your client's progress, communicate and even hold meetings right in the platform.

We also include you in our consultant community, which meets monthly.

To become one, you need to:

  • Meet our eligibility criteria
  • Agree to our Certified Partner Terms and Conditions
  • Complete Partner Certification courses 
  • On-board your first client on to the Platform



  • 5+ years ownership or senior management experience at a business consulting or coaching organization.
  • Active SMB client list
  • Active digital community on email or social media channels
  • References from current SMB clients

And then:

  • Upon selection, pay your Certified Partner application fee.
  • Complete (and, obviously, pass) the Certificate In Modern Management (30 hours)
  • Complete (and, obviously, pass) the Certified Partner Training Course (20 hours)
  • Shadow your first client through on-boarding

Maintaining your certification

  • Actively promote to existing and potential clients consistent with your professional and ethical obligations
  • Ensure that at least one staff member is up to date with Consulting Partner certification at all times
  • Refer at least one client to purchase the Software (not including the RESULTS subscription for internal use) within first 90 days of acceptance into the Program
  • Promote on your website (if you have one) by maintaining an active hyperlink to and adhering to the RESULTS Brand Guidelines, including not using the name or logo anywhere in your registered business name, product name, service offering, URL, or any social media account names.
  • Attend all ongoing training webinars and workshops as required
  • Complete and pass all new/updated training courses
  • Participation and engagement in monthly mentoring calls to discuss and debrief your client consulting sessions and client software engagement scores
  • ‘Software Engagement’ targets consistently achieved by your clients and ‘Consulting NPS’ (Net Promoter Score) targets consistently achieved in client surveys

Our Commitment to you

Your success is our success. Our ambition is to have as many businesses running at velocity using as possible. As a Certified Consulting Partner we will:

  • Provide you with an endless supply of thought leadership and marketing content to engage your audiences.
  • Monthly sales and marketing webinars to help you attract high quality leads
  • Dedicated demonstration account
  • Recurring income from all sales you generate so long as you adhere to the terms and conditions
  • Software Feature development to make it easier for you to engage your clients and support them in-app.
  • Quarterly financial reconciliation and payout

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