Make 2017 a stand-out year for your career.

Modern employees are a different breed. They’re ready to engage, they want to contribute, and they want to succeed – but only under certain circumstances.

Get them right, and you can build the highest functioning team of your career, packed with people who want to help you thrive. This course shows you how.

As an IT professional with over 13 years of management experience, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless leadership products over the years. Meetings with Impact is by far one of the most comprehensive and real world trainings I’ve come across in my career. The material is designed to help you guide your teams to measurable, repeatable success. This program should be a requirement for any manager who wants to learn how to effectively lead within their organization.
— Pete Manglaviti. Director of Learning. JMARK Business Solutions

Earn your Certificate in Modern Management

$2,995* per person

Self-Paced and Instructor Led Courses written & delivered by Author and Head of Strategy, Stephen Lynch

Learn the Modern Management Best Practices you need to run Business At Velocity

Put your new found knowledge into practice immediately

Use the software to execute the Best Practices and bring the methodology to life for your team

The courses you'll complete are:

Modern Management Fundamentals - 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Strategic Planning - 20 hours (RRP $2,000USD pp)

Metrics That Matter - 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Projects and Tasks - 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Meetings with Impact - 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Hiring Best Practices - 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

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The Benefits of Modern Management

Work with the modern mentality

Today's employees endured the worst recession in a century, and it permanently changed their attitude towards work. They want to contribute to a business that they believe should – and will – succeed. That means they have to appreciate your company’s strategy before they can buy-in, and you have to present it to them correctly for it to have the electrifying effect it can.


Capture willful energy 

Once today's employee commits, they want to prove their value, too. But they don’t want to prove it to you – they want to prove it objectively. Today, engagement arises from accountability, and that requires management methods that may pull you a ways outside of your comfort zone. We'll show you how far you need to go, and we'll make sure you don't go to far.


orchestrate excellence

Leadership doesn't arise from your charisma or your personality, and management can never be a "set and forget" exercise.  Learn how to create the positive feedback loops that make modern management more effective and far more pleasant. Business leaders who succeed at this own their future – and the future of their industries as well.

Professional Development should be this practical.

Make an immediate impact - You don't have to finish the course to start influencing change.

Stand out from your peers - Apply your practical knowledge to overcome common workplace performance issues.

Lead from the front - Grow high performing teams that thrive in a supportive, positive and proactive culture.