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Management Training For A-Players

Modern Employees are a Different Breed.

They’re ready to engage, they want to contribute, and they want to succeed – but only under certain circumstances.

High Performers get promoted

Get them right, and you can build the highest functioning team of your career, packed with people who want to help you thrive. This course shows you how.

Earn your Certificate in Modern Management.

$2,995* per person

Employees of clients on our GROW Subscription Package can access this course for free. 

Self-Paced and Instructor Led Courses

Written & delivered by Author and Head of Strategy, Stephen Lynch

Best Practices

Learn the Modern Management Best Practices you need to run Business At Velocity

Execute with Confidence

Use the RESULTS.com software to execute the Best Practices and bring the methodology to life for your team

The courses you'll complete are:

Modern Management Fundamentals

- 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Traditional management training has it’s roots in the industrial age. It was good for managing standardized work, but falls short in the information age. This course will teach you how to lead and manage your people in the modern era to successfully navigate these times of rapid change.


Strategic Planning

- 20 hours (RRP $2,000USD pp)

Many leaders are mistaken about what strategy is. This course will teach you a step by step process to make robust strategic decisions and create a strategic plan for your organization in a simple one page format that will provide direction and focus for your team.


Metrics That Matter

- 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

This course will teach you how to identify and manage your key metrics; the critical success factors that drive the performance of your organization and functional teams.

Clarifying and simplifying performance expectations will enable you to manage your people more effectively.


Projects and Tasks

- 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Managers complain that Projects and Tasks seldom get completed on time. This course will teach you how to properly scope out the work, get commitments you can count on, make progress visible, and hold your team accountable for getting things done on time.


Meetings with Impact

- 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

Companies that run great meetings achieve superior results. This course will teach you how to run well-structured meetings that keep everyone focused and engaged, hold people accountable for performance, and achieve your goals faster


Hiring Best Practices

- 2 hours (RRP $500USD pp)

We want to build teams full of “A-Players”, which we define as people who consistently achieve the target level of performance for their role, and who consistently demonstrate behaviors aligned with our organization’s core values. By following our proven process you can increase your hiring success rate to 90%, where you hire an A-Player 9 out of 10 times.



As an IT professional with over 13 years of management experience, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless leadership products over the years. Meetings with Impact is by far one of the most comprehensive and real world trainings I’ve come across in my career. The material is designed to help you guide your teams to measurable, repeatable success. This program should be a requirement for any manager who wants to learn how to effectively lead within their organization.

— Pete Manglaviti. Director of Learning. JMARK Business Solutions