| Case Studies and Success Stories

Entrepreneur Mark Rubin From 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the killer app that makes it all possible.
— Josh McKee, Founder and CEO of Atlas Staffing

We pride ourselves on having raving fans. And RESULTS brings us round to focus on what’s letting us win in the marketplace.
— Hamish Campion - Compass Trailers CEO

With the help of the Platform we exceeded our 2016 growth target by 23%.
— Gerry Suckling. General Manager. Intex Group

Running our meetings through means everything is structured and we don’t get sidetracked. We’re excited about Connect and creating groups for our big clients we’re bringing onboard.
— Anthony Bloxham - Owner of EQM Industrial

TRADEXTRA | Decorating Supplier 

Master craftspeople require a high-level, consultative sale. They also need timely and flawless delivery of the materials and equipment they require to serve their own discerning clients. To meet that demand, consistently and over a large region, Tradextra had to align everyone in the company, maximize their talents, and incorporate their insights. 

60% in First Year Revenue Growth


This cultural shift produced several business results. First, Calverley’s franchise won the Peter Bassett International Business of the Year Award, across all the Electrical and Plumbing franchises in Australia and New Zealand, which is the highest award they give. Competing against all businesses, they also won the New Zealand Business of the Year Award.

200% Increase in Client Engagement


"As a leader, it helps you build a personal relationship with your team and the gains you get from that are unmeasurable. People feel part of the company, not I work for the company.”

10% Increase in Market Share


Since implementing, CQ Hotels has achieved remarkable results, including: a boost in team confidence and engagement; a market share increase of 10%; and overall occupancy increase just shy of 5%. 

3x Increase In Sales Efforts

UPAC | Industrial Packaging Solution

The interface provided the entire company with visibility into company goals. This increased transparency throughout all departments. That, coupled with a clear set of meaningful KPIs, enabled the team to become more involved and supportive of each other.

20% Increase in Operational Performance  

Revenue Automation is a must for CEO’s and business owners. It’s the best tool I’ve used to both define and align my team to our company’s strategy. My entire team now has a transparent view into our company performance metrics. I also have visibility into team and individual performance. This is powerful because helps empower and engage everyone to drive the company forward.

139% Increase In Workplace Productivity 


Accountability doubled. Employee engagement and motivation doubled. People took ownership of their numbers and would innovate to keep their goals in the green. Since implementing production output increased by 139%.