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VIDEO: Why a One-Page Strategic Plan?

A recent study found that one of the main culprits for “high burn out rates” was “excessive collaboration.”  Another main reason was “overloading the most capable.”  

They’re related, and here’s how: “Excessive collaboration” only happens when people are confused. When they understand what’s going on, their collaboration is in the flow. If they’re chasing down answers all the time, it’s because no one really has them. No one, that is, except the “capable people,” who quickly get overloaded with requests for help and clarifications.

The solution is to create as many capable people as possible, and that’s best accomplished by teaching your entire staff to understand your business as a whole. People get confused when they have good intentions but aren’t certain how to apply their willingness to their job. That’s especially true when they confront something new or out of the ordinary, which happens with great frequency in today’s fast moving markets. 

People are less confused when they understand the context surrounding that new or unusual thing. They may still need guidance, but if you know for a fact that your managers understand the context, they’ll get it in the flow.

To really optimize management in this way, you need to give your team the right toolset, which of course RESULTS provides. One essential tool is the one-page strategic plan. It’s the fastest and most effective way to give your people a high-level understanding of your operations, your market, and the unique way your business competes. RESULTS founder and CEO Ben Ridler explains: