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VIDEO: Better Metrics, Better Productivity

In today’s connected world employees have little patience for a stale metric, especially if they’re the one who’s held responsible for it. Modern managers don’t like stale metrics, either, because up-to-date ones make it so much easier for them to engage their team. It makes it easier for them to avoid problems, too.

Sharing well-selected metrics can increase productivity. It helps people understand the business context of their job. When they do, it’s easier for them to make good decisions. Businesses of all sizes, from a dozen people to thousands, have benefited from “transparent” management that uses metrics like this. It’s true for a business that’s in one location, and it’s true for a business with a fleet, or with remote crews, or with remote workers. 

If they’re current, and your people can track them, then your team always has a way to focus their work-related conversations. And you always have a great agenda for a short, meaningful, and real meeting. you will be far more likely to succeed if you put the metrics into a social media-like platform where you all can discuss them.

Managing with metrics can be very powerful. But the metrics themselves have to make sense. They have to be real before people can own them.