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How HubSpot Makes Us Brilliant

Every executive knows that marketing is going through a massive transformation. Our digital civilization gives marketers the ability to reach people in many ways, and every day they get better at it. The state of the art is already to the point where a campaign can start in an app, follow you everywhere across the internet, and land in your inbox. 

But as most executives also know, that “art” often looks to the prospect like a “mess.” There’s so much of it, everywhere, that people now ignore a huge portion of it. It’s not that they reject a marketer’s message; it’s that the message never even registers in the first place. 

HubSpot identified a solution to this some time ago, and they’ve enjoyed remarkable growth as that solution has become mainstream. The company’s two founders met at MIT. At the time, I don’t think there was a term for the type of marketing they automated. Now we call it “Inbound.”

Inbound Marketing

Inbound turns the whole mess on its head. It’s best to understand it from its most fundamental level. Essentially, the Inbound idea is to start taking care of your customer before they’re a customer. 

You think about why your customer might choose your product or service. What’s going on in their life that causes them to need you or to want you? Because there’s probably quite a bit more to that than there is to your particular offering. You think from their point of view, and then you create content that’s relevant to their life. Usually, you don’t even mention your product. You serve as a resource.

The idea is that if they’re getting insights from you, when they hit upon a need that you fill, then you’re almost certain to get their business. It works brilliantly, across a wide array of markets.

HubSpot’s application helps marketers implement Inbound marketing. It manages your blog, which is where a lot of your content will be. It manages your website, seamlessly integrating with WordPress and other content management systems. It hosts your landing pages, and it sends your follow-up email. (And, as of about two years ago, it also includes a free salesforce automation component.)

However, as a marketing professional myself, I think the best thing about HubSpot is the data it collects. It’s greatest strength is the way it makes it possible for marketers to test their messages and their graphics so they develop the ones that welcome the best interactions. The metrics in HubSpot are great ones for any modern, metric driven marketing team to track.

Made Real

That, of course, is why RESULTS integrates with HubSpot directly. HubSpot makes a measurement, and RESULTS uses it for a Goal. The measurement may be known to only a few people while it’s stuck in its HubSpot silo. But in RESULTS, it’s known to everyone, and more than that, it’s in context. People know who’s responsible for it. They know what the range is. They can tell if the number shows things are going well or not. 

For example, you can pull a Landing Page Conversion Rate directly from HubSpot into RESULTS. It measures the percentage of people who land on a page and who go on to fill out the form on it. It’s a critical metric, a high-level measure of how well the whole campaign is communicating. The higher the ratio, the higher your return on the campaign. 

True, few people need to examine the moving parts that make this happen. But many stakeholders will want to track it. Often you’ll want to expand the Connect thread about it to include people outside the marketing team, so you can use their ideas for experiments back in HubSpot. It’s a great metric to pull into your meetings. Sales, executives, production – really, everyone will be happy to know that the page is stable at a high level, producing reliably. 

Then Brilliant

Then, things get really interesting when you can show how the metric responds to your efforts. In this week’s meeting, you show the conversion rate, and tell everyone you’re testing a new version. Then at the next meeting, you come back and show them that the metric improved. 

That makes you look brilliant, and in fact, we could say that HubSpot set out to do just that. Their Co-Founder & CTO, Dharmesh Shaw, famously said that “At HubSpot, we work passionately to make our customers look brilliant.”

When you do, you make everyone else want to look brilliant, too. RESULTS sits at the center of a culture like that, and so does HubSpot.