It really Is Simple:

We Reward You for Referrals to our management courses


You Get:


Up to x people on your staff can take the Metrics that Matter course.


We will provide you with resources you can use immediately:

  • Email templates
  • Landing page templates
  • Social media posts
  • Blog article copy


20% of your referral's registration fees (initial? ongoing?)


{Left the below here for reference. No software sales through affiliates planned for rollout:}

Software Sales to Your Referral:

  • 1 tracked sale - One additional management certification
  • 2 tracked sales - three management certifications 
  • 3 tracked sales - all certifications 
  • 4 tracked sales - QSR and strategic workshop
  • 5 tracked sales - gear
  • 6 tracked sales - referral partner at 40% training licensing fee (why so high? and for how long?)


  • 3+ business ownership or senior management experience
  • Actively working with SMB clients or serving an SMB audience
  • Ownership of a proprietary, never purchased, SMB database  
  • OR a demonstrable following for your blog or on social media

You will be provided with a unique link to a landing page. When someone clicks your link and fills out our intake form, they become a lead that you generated.

We pursue the sales process, and if you lead becomes our customer, you earn a commission. 

There are other details in the agreement we will sign, but nothing contrary to the spirit of what you read here.



How It Works

We'll give you a unique URL beginning with ""  Have your referrals use it, and we'll track them. We deliver your rewards at the end of each quarter.


Your Commitment

At least twice a month, share a RESULTS' Business Growth Tip article with your email list or social network.