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Meet the team behind Results.com




Ben Ridler, Founder & CEO

Ben-Ridler-laughing.jpgThe visionary behind RESULTS.com foresaw that every major company would someday run on a web-based management platform.

Long before the technology existed to build one, Ridler created a multinational business coaching firm to collect the wisdom needed to design it.

Today, RESULTS.com transforms corporate culture into one that engages people at their best and lets them own their company's success. 

Clients across Australiasia, North America and Europe have become passionate advocates.


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Billy Aucamp, Chief Operating Officer

billy-aucamp-737280-edited.jpgOver his career, Billy Aucamp been part of a number of high-growth, successful companies, including Uniden, Smith & Smith and George Weston Foods (owners of Tip Top Baking and Weston Milling). 

When he joined Navman, an early manufacturer of GPS devices, their turnover was $20M. As their Finance Director, Aucamp raised capital and grew revenue through international expansion. When it topped $400M, he helped sell the company to Brunswick.

At Fusion Electronics, Sir Peter Maire entrusted him with the sale of that company to Garmin International.

And as the CFO and Company Secretary at MEA Mobile, he helped raise capital and positioned the company's parent, MEA Group, for listing on the New Zealand stock exchange.

His extensive background guiding companies through complex financial situations makes him an invaluable member of the RESULTS.com team as the company heads for its IPO.

Blake Kadatz, Chief Technology Officer

Blake has over 20 years experience creating software solutions, and has managed complex technology requirements, creating software used by millions in practically every country of the world.

Blake started his career in video game development before working with all aspects of internet technology, from the original underlying protocols that connected universities and big companies, through its evolution into the consumer web, and on to delivering modern scalable applications.

He gained invaluable experience rolling up his sleeves to create and maintain racks of hardware in data centers to power complex software solutions, but now much prefers to leverage the Cloud.

Kadatz worked with Ben Ridler and the original Results.com team to build the first version of the Results.com platform. He took rough business requirements and created both the User Interface (UI) and the backend services, including all infrastructure. 

He now leads a diverse team of UI wizards, server-side geniuses, and top-notch QA experts. As CTO, he oversees development while scaling the Results.com platform to handle the influx of clients and users.

Marc Daniels, Executive Vice President of Licensing

marc-daniels-420455-edited-453589-edited.jpgMarc Daniels has broad experience launching global business solutions companies and rapidly developing the infrastructure needed to drive multi-million dollar revenue streams.

Most recently, Mr. Daniels was a founding member of Diligent Board Member Services, LLC (NZX:DIL), a SaaS solution provider where he served first as COO and then as EVP of Sales. He was instrumental in developing Diligent's North American sales infrastructure and expanding the company's client base from 100 to over 2,000 organizations. Thanks to his leadership, Diligent’s customer portfolio included more than 18% of the Fortune 500 and over 30% of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Prior to Diligent, Mr. Daniels amassed wide experience in technology. He served as the COO of Flextronics Test (NASDAQ:FLEX). He helped develop UGO.com into a premier on-line gaming destination for males between 18 and 34. In 1985, he launched his first on-line store as part of Compuserve's Electronic Mall. In 1979, he helped start Computer Discount of America, one of the first computer mail-order companies.

He joined Results.com in 2014, where his extensive background has made him and invaluable member of the Results.com executive team.

Jason Jones, Executive Vice President of Sales, U.S.A.


Throughout his career Jones has created and led world-class SaaS sales teams.

In 2008 he joined the New Zealand HR Software company Sonar6 and introduced it's offering to the United States market as the U.S. Director of Business Development.

For the next three years, he and his team aggressively grew North America and European market share for the NZ business, resulting in his promotion to Director of Global Sales.

In 2012, Sonar6 was acquired by US based, publicly traded, Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), where he eventually ran their global US SMB Sales function. He retained his Sonar6 team and grew the existing team over a short period of time.

In 2013 they promoted him to Director of Global SMB sales, and a year later promoted him again to Director of SMB Channel Sales.

In 2015 he connected with the RESULTS.com vision and never looked back. Upon becoming our Executive Vice President of Sales, he once again created and currently leads our world-class sales team across North and South America, as well as making significant contributions to the Executive team.

Ian MackenzieHead of Sales, Australasia

ian_smart_casual_15-246090-edited.jpgOne of RESULTS.com's co-founders, Ian Mackenzie now leads the company's business development.

Mackenzie started out as a Chartered Accountant in the United Kingdom, running a number of finance teams before coming to New Zealand with KPMG in 1989.  In his early 30s he switched his focus to sales and marketing, and transitioned into selling high-end technical software. Everywhere he worked, he became a top salesperson. Then he began managing teams, all of which set new records. 

In the 2000's, Mackenzie developed and ran two Business Consulting practices and then co-founded what became New Zealand's most successful SMB business coaching practice, The Results Group, which won numerous awards and skyrocketed to the ninth position in the Deloitte Fast 50.

Three years ago, he joined Ridler and others to launch RESULTS.com. He has been instrumental in building the company into a global business, with clients in sixteen countries, that is now recognized as one of the Worlds Top 50 Startups by the Silicon Valley Tie50 Awards.

Stephen Lynch, Head of Consulting


RESULTS.com is the only business management platform based upon two decades of consulting experience. 

Stephen Lynch was one of the principal consultants at the international consulting firm The Results Group, where the insights underling today's platform were developed, and became a guiding light for the creation of the RESULTS.com system.

He has spent more than 10 years as part of the executive team at RESULTS.com, and has personally consulted with many hundreds of firms over the years, assisting them with strategic planning, business execution best-practices, and optimizing their use of the RESULTS.com software.

Stephen has had articles published in The Economist, and is the author of the award-winning book: Business Execution for RESULTS - a practical guide for leaders of small to mid sized firms. His book was judged best management book in the USA’s 2014 Small Business Book Awards.

Anesh Budhabhai, Product Manager, Research and Development


For twelve years Budhabhai has been a recognized innovator in the cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) space for the SMB market.

He served as a Product Manager at the Human Resources SaaS company Sonar6, 

Throughout his 12 years in cloud based, Saas applications Anesh has been an integral facilitator of changing the way that teams manage their design and delivery of product.

Serving as a lead product manager at Sonar6, Cornerstone on Demand and Findly he has established himself as one of the leading product managers in the SMB software space.

With experience in industries ranging from Human Resource, Recruiting and Learning Management, Anesh now brings his learnings to the Business Management sector looking to engineer change and disrupt the way that that organizations drive results in their business. 

Lisa Carter, Head of Client Experience

lisa-carter.pngAt the outset of her career, Lisa Carter spent five years as the Executive Assistant to the Financial Director of Australia's second largest insurance company.

From there, she moved to London and became fascinated by investment banking. She began at Société General, where she created pitches for bankers who were closing $100 million deals. She next moved to Merrill Lynch where she continued refining collateral for contracts of equal or greater value, and where she became accustomed to hitting extremely demanding deadlines on their Global Marketing Team. 

From London, she travelled to fifty-four countries before deciding to start a family. 

She began working with Ben Ridler at his first consulting business, and has been with him for nearly fifteen years through three different companies. With a deep understanding of finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and business development, she now guides clients to the perfect implementation of RESULTS.com so they, too, can succeed.

Justin Flitter, Head of Marketing

justin-flitter.pngAt just 20 years of age, in 2000, Justin launched the first Business Incubator in New Zealand, and since then has built a legacy of developing communities that attract and retain customers.

Justin was the 8th hire at Zendesk.com in 2008 and spent 3 years with the San Francisco startup as a Customer Advocate, APAC Business Development Manager and Social Media Manager growing the global thought leadership program. In that time he saw the business grow from 1,000 to 30,000 customers. After a short break he returned in 2012 and spent three weeks traveling across India, running workshops for local customers.

Since then he’s worked with hundreds of SMBs on social and digital marketing projects, helped Booktrack.com launch in North America, and ran the social media marketing for Honda New Zealand for 18 months.

He’s now leading an international marketing team focused on developing a scalable, data driven strategy to drive growth in New Zealand, Australia and North America.


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William Wiebe

In 2015, Wiebe was named to Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30; by then he had already owned two businesses. His passion for RESULTS.com stems from solving a problem we are all trying to figure out, and that is to cultivate a culture that engages employees across multiple spectrums and demographics. "The way business is done is changing rapidly before our eyes," he says, "and so should the way you engage your people."



Andrew Ritchie

A CIMA qualified Chartered Management Accountant, Andrew managed the finance team at one of New Zealand's largest produce distributors, Freshmax, for nearly a decade. He leaped at the opportunity to bring his business acumen to RESULTS.com, where his expertise at the art of creating KPI structures has benefited hundreds of companies.



Lisa Loggenberg

From her first day at the Results Group back in 2011, "Loggie" has considerd herself to be in her dream job. "I love that I have the opportunity to make a difference in my clients lives everyday! Whether it be through helping them run better meetings to setting up kick-ass OKR's, seeing the results is what gets me up in the morning."



Trudy Murfitt

When she worked for one of New Zealand's top fashion houses, management tapped her natural skill as a team leader and had her revive underperforming stores. Since that requires deep insight into employee motivation and an intuitive understanding of which employee belongs in which role, she became a Recruitment Account Manager. RESULTS.com seemed to her a perfect fit. Today she helps our clients optimize their people's performance so every employee can own their company' success.


Ryan Bear

After building outsourced lead generation and inside sales teams for Fortune 1000 companies, the big-data firm Actian tapped Bear to lead theirs. During his tenure, Actian acquired a series of companies while Bear integrated their sales groups and consistently exceeded quotas. He took over the onboarding of all OEM and reseller partners, but he found the RESULTS.com opportunity too compelling to miss. "This is the future of business," he says, "and I love helping companies ensure their success while also making their employees happier."



Ben Colgate

Colgate's world-class expertise in user interface design was refined over his fifteen years in the software industry. Having created intuitive and elegant user experiences for a variety of business software applications, he jumped at the chance to work with RESULTS.com. The philosophy underlying it – enabling employees to own their company's success – challenged him to create an interface where everyone would succeed. You have to see it to believe it.


John McKeown

Before he was twenty-three years old, McKeown had already created his own high-end menswear label. He named it Woody Nicholson after his two favourite film stars, Woody Allen & Jack Nicholson. He and a partner had also started an online consumer goods company. In the possession of both entrepreneurial and executive experience, he found his true calling was helping leaders make the leap from where they are now to where they want to be. "I want to help leaders 10X their businesses and drive meaningful increases in revenue. RESULTS.com delivers on that promise, which is why I'm so happy here."



Kristina Oh

For nearly a decade, Oh built high-level client relationships and sought out business development opportunities for companies in New York City, including one of the Fortune 500. Most recently, she was a Relationship Manager for a data analytics corporation that helped clients mitigate risk and drive ROI through advanced data-driven metrics. Needless to say, she has an in-depth understanding of how and why RESULTS.com impacts companies as profoundly as it does, and brings that knowledge to every client interaction.



Benjamin Stidham

A former musician, Stidham started a boutique Public Relations agency in the music space while the industry was in the throes of the tumultuous transformation caused by the advent of streaming. A keen problem solver when it comes to integrated talent management and human capital, he applied that experience to six years of customer-facing business development at various technology firms. With entrepreneurial insight and world-class technology credentials, he and RESULTS.com are a perfect fit. "I'm passionate about helping executives and managers create a space where people get the most out of their work."