More Time. More Freedom. More Results. 

See your business in a new light 


Move business minutia to auto-pilot, so you and your team have more time to focus on getting business results.  The software lets you:

  • See your company's performance in a single view
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively
  • Track and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), projects, and tasks
  • Capture and share your the company’s vision and strategy in a single page
  • Run effective meetings to review performance, and assign next steps
  • Manage and engage your employees more effectively whether from the office or your pocket

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Change my business with RESULTS

A single solution to align your team and make your company great.



You're a leader and you were born to conquer. Stop wasting your time and your team's time working from disconnected systems.

With everyone is connected under a single solution where SMBs can improve business management, employee engagement, and collaboration  – and drive extraordinary results. 


CQ Hotels Wellington, New Zealand

" Since using, our market share has increased by 10%. Team confidence has improved and now we're aligned. "

Olivier Lacoua, GM, CQ Hotels
Progress Printing Australia

" Before using RESULTS some teams didn’t measure KPIs, now everyone has a KPI. In fact our production output has increased by 139%! "

Harvey Dunn, GM, Progress Printing

" RESULTS has drawn the team together and when someone is struggling or not hitting numbers everybody chips in to see how they can help. "

Dean Young, Director, BRAVEday