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Have you created your Strategic Plan for 2013?

Business leaders all around the world have been using the RESULTS.com One Page Strategic Plan to capture their strategic decisions and share them with all their staff.  This planning template is even used at MIT in Boston as part of the Entrepreneurial Masters’ Program.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new online version of the plan.  Apart from being an online document that is easier to share with your team, the totally unique benefit of our plan is that it actually teaches you how to create your strategy! 

RESULTS.com One Page Strategic Plan

Embedded in the plan are 14 video workshops to guide you and your team through our complete strategic planning process.  These workshops contain the business execution framework that RESULTS.com has proven in their work with thousands of companies over the last 17 years to help them transform their business potential into extraordinary results.

Click here to start filling in your One Page Strategic Plan now!


The complete workshop series teaches you how to create the following:


Create a compelling goal to take you from being a good company to a truly great company.

Core Values:

Create clear rules that define your culture, and guide the behaviors of everyone in your firm.

Core Purpose:

Give your people a real reason to get out of bed (beyond simply making money).

Target Market Customer:

Learn how to clearly define, and effectively focus on your ideal customer.

Value Discipline:

Do you know what “game” you are playing? Are you playing to win?

Core vs. Non-Core Activities:

Clarify what you need to start doing and stop doing.

Strategic Positioning:

Learn how to stake out and “own” a category in your industry.

Key Benefits:

Define the functional, economic and emotional benefits you must offer to close the deal.

3-5 Year Strategic Moves:

Determine how your industry is likely to change, and choose the right moves to position your company for future industry success. Your winning formula!

Numerical Targets:

Set meaningful goals and milestones to measure your success along the way.

SWOT Analysis:

Now you need to confront reality and face the brutal facts.

Current Strategic Plays:

Choose key projects to address your current reality & move your business in the right direction

Company Key Performance Indicators:

Define and track the key measures to drive the success of your business

Organization Structure and Role KPI’s:

Clarify roles and responsibilities.  Define the performance measures for each of the key roles in your organization to drive accountability

Note: The free version of the plan contains 4 workshops to get you started. The complete set of 14 workshops are included as part of the RESULTS.com Business Execution Software.

Give our new One Page Strategic Plan a try now.  We'd love your feedback!

Need help? 

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Chief Operating Officer - Global Operations - RESULTS.com
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