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Top Three Reasons Meetings Fail


At some point in their career, practically all business leaders hit a well-known, oft-discussed, and absolutely impenetrable barrier: they can’t clone themselves.

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The Trick to Command Presence


In Season 2, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones, What Is Dead May Never Die, Lord Varys says to everyone’s favorite character, the dwarf Tyrion Lannister,

“Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall, and a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

When he says “a very small man,” Varys is playing with Tyrion’s height, because his real point is that “any man” can cast a very large shadow - if he knows the “trick.”

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How Meetings & KPIs Create Productivity

Jean-Frederic Fortier

The plays we recommend in our recent Productivity Playbook can help you create a culture of accountability. In that culture, “accountability” should drive the productivity improvements that ensure the business results you are looking for.

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Your Team Views Have Been Updated

Team Views - Feature Update

Drag-n-Drop Goals and KPIs to personalize your Team Views 

RESULTS has revolutionized the way you can view your Teams: now you can customize your experience with different filters and controls.

The filters give you more control over the which Teams and Goals are displayed, and the controls let you change what's displayed and how.

All together, these improvements let you create the visual arrangement that's most compelling to you at the moment.

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The Secret Source of Right Answers

Dan Carlson

Six out of ten executives believe, according to the Harvard Business Review, that their enterprises make good decisions as often as they make bad ones.

That’s horrible. Can you imagine trying to get a degree with a record like that? What if every time you got an “A,” you got an “F” as well? You’d go insane. What about raising children? What if every time you managed to do something wise, you knew that your stupidity was about to land a punch as well? You’d go insane – and you’d be depressed.

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Great Meetings Include Hunting

JRMartin Photography/Flickr

I go hunting at a duck club about an hour east of our San Francisco office, and last season when I aimed and shot at a Mallard, I had an inspiration. I realized why people have a hard time understanding business leaders – even if they really want to.

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How to Create KPIs When There's Nothing to Count

 Son of Groucho / Flickr

According to research from the Gallup organization, employee engagement begins when each employee can strongly agree with the statement, “I know what is expected of me at work.” To this end, Metrics, commonly called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs, help to clarify performance expectations for your functional teams and for every role in your company.

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How to Retain Your Best Employees

Vincent Diamante, Flickr

You know the cliches about hard-nosed capitalists. You’re the tough one who can weather any storm. Everyone else is afraid of risk, but you have an appetite for it. You go out into the world and bring back deals that create jobs. You’re a captain of industry.

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The Psychology of Goal Setting


“To lead people, walk behind them.” – Lao Tzu

Corporate leaders in practically every industry are searching for new markets, creating new ways to handle existing ones, or invigorating their enterprise to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

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The Secret to Employee Productivity

I’ve spent the last few weeks in the United States talking to some of our clients, and I was not surprised when they all told me that over the next twelve or eighteen months, their biggest challenge is this:

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