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The Three Rules that Make KPIs Work

Thomas Griesbeck

We work with many companies that are going through an exciting, if somewhat stressful, period of transformation and growth. Often they have identified Key Performance Indicators as a crucial part of how they want to manage this change, and they always have the best of intentions. They want people to know how their work contributes to the company, and they intend to situate things so people can succeed often and contribute more.

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How to Make Every Meeting Strategic

Ratha Grimes

Meaningful achievement depends on lifting one's sights and pushing toward the horizon. 

– Daniel H. Pink, Drive

Great executives lead a group of committed people to a destination on the horizon. They keep their head up. They trust each other. They’re probably not marching in formation, but they’re strategically aligned because they’re heading to the same place. What matters most is that everyone is looking forward.

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The Secret Knowledge of the World’s Best Entrepreneurs

Kalen Emsley

In 1943, Abraham Maslow published "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review, where he laid out his famous Hierarchy of Needs for the first time. No one paid any attention. But Maslow was different, and determined. He rejected the prevailing opinion that advancing psychology meant scrutinizing mental illness, so instead, he spent the next decade studying the most extraordinary people in society. Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frederick Douglass and the top 1% of college students became his subjects. In 1954 he released his findings in what would become one of the greatest classics of the social sciences, Motivation and Personality.

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Why Processes Fail & What To Do About It

David Schap

One of my favorite things about RESULTS is working with the most interesting business leaders in the world. We have clients ranging from shipping providers to sports leagues. But when I read a recent study estimating that businesses waste USD $3 trillion a year on “excessive management,” I knew that out of all our clients, the ones who had addressed that problem the best are agencies.

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What To Do If Your Business Stalls

It is common for firms of all sizes to reach a plateau where their revenue growth stalls out. And while political, regulatory, and economic factors beyond our direct control can have an impact on company growth, of course, research documented in the book Stall Points shows that 87% of growth stalls are preventable, and are related to the strategic decisions you made in the past.  

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How to Start Relentless Momentum

Georg Nietsch

We work with a number of growing and transforming enterprises, so we're especially attuned to the number one challenge leaders in those situations face: They need more than everyone's buy-in. They need everyone to care.

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Why Less Data Creates a Better Culture

Your people are with you because they love your culture. There’s something about the way you run your business that fits them. They like each other, and they like your customers. Every leader who's ever run a successful team knows how important those intangibles are. Your culture feeds your success.

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Dashboards are Done – This is Next

Shawna Zylenko

As a CEO, you’re always looking for the insight that will change everything for you and your business.

You study your competitors because you intend to see what they missed. You read everything, hoping to find that outlier idea first. You chat with your friends, working off their thoughts to sharpen your own. And for the last decade or so, a lot of CEOs spent a lot of time creating – and recreating, over and over – one “dashboard” after another.

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Advice for New Managers

Are you a new manager, or hoping to be one soon?

Unfortunately, most new managers are left to sink or swim when they get promoted into a leadership role. The data is concerning, 40% of new managers don’t last 18 months.

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Top Three Reasons Meetings Fail


At some point in their career, practically all business leaders hit a well-known, oft-discussed, and absolutely impenetrable barrier: they can’t clone themselves.

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