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Get Results

With the Ultimate Business
Productivity Platform.

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Put the Spotlight on Performance

Results.com integrates Real-Time Data into Goals and KPIs for
Teams & Individuals so you can hold Meetings and
collaborate in Live Chat to achieve them.

Make modern management easy.


Accountability Empowers 

When you give each employee a view of how their work contributes to their team and their company, you'll watch their engagement skyrocket. Use Goals to coordinate their efforts and Key Performance Indicators to hightlight the data that matters from Salesforce, Netsuite and other applications. Hold Meetings and chat threads right next to it all, in real-time, to make your management data-driven, effective, and easy. The platform enables you to start celebrating – and multiplying – every success across your whole enterprise.


Real-Time Conversations and Meetings in Context

Connect™ message threads let any group collaborate about any KPI or Goal you've set, giving people a familiar, social media-like environment for work. The acclaimed Meetings interface lets you set an agenda that each attendee can pre-populate with their status, making your meetings meaningful, constructive – and brief.

100% Strategically Aligned

Modern managers know that people perform better when they have a sense of purpose and when they understand the big picture. So RESULTS lets you align KPIs and Goals with your Stragegic Plan, engaging the great people you hired with your vision – and empowering them to do their best work.