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Strategy & Teamwork

come to life in the ultimate business productivity platform.


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Lead with a proven system. Celebrate the results.

Spotlight on Performance  

With transparency comes accountability. In the RESULTS.com application everyone has a personalized view of how their productivity is impacting team performance. Using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for metrics and OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) for projects; the personal spotlight promotes a proactive work ethic, fosters collaboration and makes management data driven.


Real time Conversations keep Meetings in Context

Meetings can easily get side-tracked without context and structure. In RESULTS.com meetings are integrated with live chat, KPIs, OKRs and Tasks keeping everyone focused on the key objectives. Here meetings become effective, productive and brief.

100% Strategically Aligned

People perform better when they have a sense of purpose. So aligning the company vision to personal KPIs is a key motivator.

The RESULTS.com one-page strategy will help your business promote its Core Values, Best Practices and Overarching Goals with everyone.


We are using this and nothing else. 

RESULTS.com enables us to focus. No distractions.


Your company is completely in line with everything that we want to accomplish. In a matter of weeks, Results has changed the way I run my business completely.


Ready to Work With Your Business:

Owners and C-Suite

Leaders Lead

Transform your business with a proven methodology delivered on a powerful, integrated platform.

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Department Heads

Easy To Show ROI

End disengagement, ineffective perfromance reviews and productivity problems with a solution that creates a culture of excellence.

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Extensive Resources to Get You Started:

Metrics That Matter

KPI Success Kit

eBook and Interactive Spreadsheet

  • How do I use my existing data to create KPIs?
  • Which KPIs motivate my people the best?
  • How many KPIs are too many? 

Get the KPI Success Kit

An Engaging Vision

One Page Strategic Plan

Online Tool with Extensive Supporting Videos

  • A concise strategy is harder to create
  • But it makes more sense to everyone in your company
  • Learn what we taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Create Your 1-Page Strategic Plan

Clear Communications

Effective Meetings eBook

Solutions to Time Wasted in Meetings

  • Ideas that can save you $2,600 per employee per year (HBR)
  • 5 ways to run better meetings immediately
  • Best-practices agenda templates

Start Having Better Meetings

Lead from the Heart

Core Values White Paper

Learn How to Bring Your Values to Life

  • When people know them, engagement skyrockets
  • Learn the best ways to articulate them
  • And to get your workforce to live by them 

Get Your Core Values eBook